We have evolved into a multi-disciplinary engineering survey company, offering 3d Laser Scanning, measured building surveys, topographic surveys, GPS surveys and monitoring solutions to over 100 clients in Greater London and surrounding counties. From small scale, private contracts to multi-million-pound government ventures, we pride ourselves in understanding the various phases of construction and knowing how to implement our technical, supervisory and organisational expertise.

Our goal is to provide reliable, accurate survey data that our clients can be sure of.

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Products & Services

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is the process of High Definition Surveying (HDS) , it allows reality capture of up to 1 million co-ordinated points per second. The combination of its long range, speed and remote capability results in data collection that was never possible with conventional survey techniques and significantly cuts down on site time and increases safety.



Types of monitoring surveys we offer:

Movement monitoring
Deformation monitoring
Precise levelling
Coastal erosion monitoring
Measuring over long periods or real-time
Ground water monitoring
3D XYZ coordinate differences
Precision 3D evaluation
Crack monitoring
Automated monitoring

Site Engineering Surveys

Site Engineering Surveys

As part of the quality control procedure, as built surveys verify the sub contractor has carried out his work to the specified tolerances. Often a request by main contractors as an independent check before follow on trades commence without delay.

We carry out 2d and 3d measurements checks on built items and compare these to the design with the aid of AutoCAD. By processing level surveys electronically using a totalstaion and plotting them electronically, any anomalies can be accurately identified on site and remedied if possible. This is a huge advantage over traditional, tape measure and level as built methods where it was almost impossible to pin point problem areas.

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From Our Website

ASES has over ten years of experience in delivering an efficient, precise service to both public and private sectors. Our measuring services cover a wide range of applications, sectors and markets and our expert surveyors deliver a reliable, cost-effective solution every single time. ASES implement the use of Leica and Faro technologies with integrated high definition cameras to deliver highly precise laser scanning. ASES have successfully employed the. With over 20 years' of site experience ASES specialise in setting out at any stage of a project.

A Revit model may be the ideal model for your project, however its parametric nature means that complex surfaces and objects are a close approximation of true shape, unfairness on curved or uneven surfaces are evened out, the resulting output may not be accurate enough for construction purposes. Surface/mesh modelling combined with precise Laser Scanning offers engineering grade accuracy for the most demanding projects. Structures, buildings or surfaces are scanned using a terrestrial laser scanner, using specialist software the point cloud may be cleaned and filtered, a 3D mesh then will be produced, effectively triangulating between the scanned points, the density of the points results in a highly detailed and accurate surface.

Topographic surveys serve to show physical structures, man made and natural, including trees and vegetation, buildings, boundaries, surface changes and ground levels. ASES have experience in carrying out accurate cost effective, Topographic Surveys for a wide range of sectors and clients, including, Architects, developers, private individuals, building contractors and designers, adapting the level of detail required to suit the client's needs and budget. Surveys can range from back garden surveys, which enable planning applications and landscaping work to entire streetscape surveys that incorporate underground utilities.

Dimensional control involves the capture of accurate geometrical and geographic data, referenced to control benchmarks. Essentially, it is a fusion of measurements with 3D mathematical modelling, in order to analyse the surveyed item and then compare it either to other objects, or to its own design. ASES embraces the technological advances that have been introduced to the surveying industry. We make use of the latest Leica and Faro equipment, as well as proven engineering survey techniques. Our dimensional control experience ranges from surveying staircases for the design of architectural steel / balustrades, water treatment works, or where structures are measured for the retro fit of ground penetrating radar (GRP) covers.

ASES Ltd offers a full range of utility detection services using electromagnetic detection and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) methods, as well as also being able to offer specialist radar surveys. With over 10 years' experience in the industry, our surveyors are highly experienced in the provision of these services and are committed to delivering a product of the highest quality. Utility Mapping Surveys are carried out prior to ground investigation, boreholes, trial pits and other construction works, confirms the presence or absence of underground utilities before breaking ground or sub surface investigation.

Using Leica Geosystems, RTK, GPS rovers enable instantaneous 3D Geographic positioning, this allows for rapid setting out and surveying. ASES operate the latest GPS, RTK Rovers, that track both GPS and Glonass Satellites we are able to survey and set out to Ordnance Datum Newlyn by means of the Ordnance Survey Geoid Model (OGSM02). GNSS equipment has proved invaluable to us in surveying large areas of land and setting out roadworks. A common use of GPS is in establishing survey control to the Ordnance Survey National Grid, or creating new control where primary stations have been removed.

Monitoring surveys offer clients the ability to identify and react to the movement of buildings, earthworks, structures, as well as natural features. Often an insurance against requirement third party claims, it is vital that instruments of the highest accuracy and standard of practice are adopted. The use of high angular accuracy total stations and the ability to act rapidly, translates into a reliable, cost-efficient service that informs parties of any movement that might exceed specification trigger values.

The foundation of any BIM process is accurate data. ASES have experience in the collection of reliable point cloud data using the latest cutting edge sensors from Leica and Faro. We have developed efficient workflows and rigorous Quality assurance, producing parametric BIM models to the highest standards for architectural, structural and mechanical collaborators. BIM projects for redevelopment or refit will usually begin their life cycle with a 3D Laser scan, our expertise in this field enables us to correctly deliver a project of any size and complexity.