Castle Surveys Limited are one of the fastest growing multi-disciplinary surveying practices in the UK. We provide specialist surveying services to architects, planning consultants, utility companies, government agencies, engineers, ecologists and various other construction related professionals.

Strategically located in the market town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in the East Midlands this enables us to provide nationwide coverage.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, detailed and accurate Topographic & Measured building surveys for our valued clients.

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Products & Services

Topographical Land Surveys

Topographical Land Surveys

As one of the country’s leading surveying companies in the UK, Castle Surveys Ltd provide an all in one surveying solution tailored to our client’s specifications. Based in Ashby de la Zouch, we have easy access to provide topographic land surveys in Leicester, the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

Utilising Leica robotic total stations (also known as theodolites) , Leica GNNS/GPS systems in conjunction with LSS digital terrain modelling (DTM) & computer aided design (CAD) post-processing software, ensures that we deliver the highest quality and accurate products at competitive rates. All of our surveys are measured in 3D and are supplied in various 2D or 3D formats. Paper copies can be provided on request. Our aim is to provide you with exactly what you need, on time and within budget.

Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys

Castle Surveys carry out all of our measured building surveys using Leica disto laser measurers coupled with site laptops running MBS Floor Plan software. The software shows the misclosure on site, in real-time, enabling our surveyors to immediately see where control measurements are needed to meet the accuracy requirements of the project. A wide variety of measurement methods can be chosen, depending on the particular building being surveyed. Intelligent data is collected at the same time as the measurements and attached in the form of attributes to allow for detailed analysis back in the office. In addition, we utilise our Leica total stations internally to traverse through the building, ensuring our surveys are measured to the highest level of accuracy.

Elevation Surveys

Elevation Surveys

Our surveyors use an amalgamation of up-to-date equipment and instruments to carry out each building survey to ensure the highest possible accuracy is achieved.

Laser Scanning Surveys

Laser Scanning Surveys

Surveys utilising laser scanners can capture environments by collecting millions of precise measurements in a matter of minutes. These measurements or vectors coordinates are then pieced together to form what is known as a "point cloud".

Highway Surveys

Highway surveys are used to provide highly accurate and detailed plans of the existing road network. Features such as the location of kerbs, utilities, drainage, neighbouring buildings, overhead cables, camber of the road, street furniture and many more. Utilising the latest survey equipment, Leica reflectorless robotic total stations, GNSS GPS systems and LSS survey software, we are able to carry out the survey of the highway with minimal disruption to the flow of traffic which can easily be imported into most design software.

Setting Out Services

Castle Surveys offer setting out services for a variety of projects including, roads, sewers, housing foundations, pilling projects, steel frames, pipelines, wind turbines, solar panels and many more. Utilising the data provided we can determine the co-ordinates and input these into the total station to accurately position pegs or pins to located the specific points.

Land Registry Title & Boundary Plans

Here at Castle Surveys we undertake boundary surveys to determine the position of boundaries to prove whether encroachment has taken place. We accurately survey the boundaries or area in question using out state of the art survey equipment to determine the position of boundaries in the real world to assist your solicitors in resolving the claim.

Green Field Site Surveys

Greenfield sites are undeveloped pastures of land in a city or rural area either used for agriculture, landscape design, or left to evolve naturally and potentially being considered for urban development. This is a highly contentious issue, particularly in the UK, where the development of land is split between Greenfield and brownfield sites. It becomes contentious, and political, due to a limited amount of physical space available, competing with an expanding population that needs housing.

Brown Field Site Surveys

In the UK a brownfield site is defined as “previously developed land” that has the potential for being redeveloped. It is often (but not always) land that has been used for industrial and commercial purposes and is now derelict and possibly contaminated. The lack of available green spaces for development purposes has meant that brownfield sites have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in places where demand for residential and commercial property is high.

Building Information Modeling BIM

Laser scanning solutions are setting new standards for the way scanning work is done and are the most effective equipment for topographic, engineering, detail and as-built surveying. Here at Castle Surveys, we thoroughly embrace this ever-changing technology to assist us to deliver high quality and detailed drawings. Whether acquiring 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, generating an as-built survey of an industry development or producing 3D data for Building Information Modelling (BIM) , Castle Surveys can help.

Utilising FARO Focus 3D Laser scanners, we can produce high density point cloud data very efficiently. Laser scanning assists us with speed, as the rapid collection of the data from the scanner measures up to a million points a second, billions of points a day whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy. Another huge benefit to 3D laser scanning is that the survey data can be recorded from ground level, eliminating health and safety concerns such as working at height and working in dangerous environments.

Once the 3D scan data has been captured and uploaded into the software, we can then produce high quality Building Information Models for architects, structural engineers, contracts and anyone else working on the project to collaboratively work in.

Desktop Based Assessment

Prior to the commencement of an Underground Utility Survey, we offer the option to undertake a desktop-based assessment of the site. We acquire plans from all the statutory bodies relating to your site which aids in the quality of the survey. It may also flag up services that cannot be located (for whatever reason.)

Some clients may not require a full underground utility survey, but need to know what might be underground. Here at Castle Surveys we can source recorded information relating to the presence of existing underground pipes, cables and services, which can then be overlaid onto a topographical land survey, or simply made into one single document.

Utility Mapping

The next stage of the process is for us to undertake a full underground utility survey. This will map out the locations, depths & identify the type of services on site. All surveys are surveyed utilising Electromagnetic Detection Methods (EDM) & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment and post-processed in CAD. The final drawings are sent in PDF & DWG format.

Ground Penetrating Radar (gpr)

GPR allows us to locate metallic & non-metallic pipes, along with the indication to buried services, voids and ducts within the site location plan.

Manhole Assessment Surveys

Castle Surveys can undertake a range of manhole & inspection chamber assessments. This information includes the inspection chamber cover levels, chamber size and pipe details including the invert levels, material and pipe diameter. This can be added onto our topographical land surveys as an additional service if required.

Cctv Surveys

Drain CCTV surveys and inspections can now be implemented to determine the pipe condition and any defects or faults you may have. This type of drain survey can provide a fast and cost-effective way to diagnose any drainage problems. We can then record the findings and produce a detailed report, plan and DVD.

Pas 128

With a range of different survey types, detection methods, quality levels and geospatial locations, the PAS 128 utility survey provides a more detailed selection criteria to facilitate the confidence in the data provided. It covers the project planning and scoping process, classification system for quality levels, desktop utility records search and detection, verification and location.

  • I would recommend this business

As a company we have used Castle Surveys on numerous and a variate of projects throughout the UK.

We have always been very pleased with the service they provide and the information is returned promptly, timescales are adhered to and its always been high quality compared to other comapnies we have used in the past.

I would highly recommend this company.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

An efficient service carried out by friendly and polite surveyors. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Professional and experienced staff and reliable

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Excellent service, quick turnaround - we will be using Castle Surveys as our preferred surveyor!

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Castle Surveys provides comprehensive CCTV Drainage Surveys & CCTV Reports to suit all customers' needs from residential home owners to commercial premises & construction sites. Castle Surveys CCTV Surveys utilises state-of-the-art CCTV drainage equipment & systems to provide professional inspections of drainage and culverts then present this information via a CCTV Survey Report. Whether you need to calculate drain runs, locations, depths, capacity or detect areas of potential water egress, our CCTV drainage surveys will determine the structural integrity of a drain and provide photographic and video evidence of any defect found.

From commercial property companies and major national house builders to government departments and local authorities - we deliver precision services and surveying solutions in measurement, investigation, and modelling for the construction and civil engineering industries. Castle Surveys Ltd works hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to proactively deliver a truly fully-integrated approach to construction projects. Our eccentric client base return to us time and time again, secure in the knowledge that our surveys and professional services we provide are second to none.

To ensure a commercial or retail property or facility meets building standards and safety regulations, we provide a team of highly professional and dedicated survey specialists to meet all of our clients' requirements. Site surveys can measure a number of things, from the satisfaction provided by facilities management services and improvements needed in infrastructure, to site plans for fire safety, impacts on local ecology, and the identification of existing services and utilities. By providing our comprehensive surveying services and solutions, we are helping to improve our clients' relationships between their service providers, customers, and vendors.

What are verified views? A high majority of architects, planners & developers will be well aware of architectural photo montages and computer-generated images (CGI) that show how the future scheme might look like. There are many different kinds of surveys available today, not just for construction and building professionals such as architects, engineers, planning consultants, government agencies, and utility providers, but also for domestic and commercial property owners. On site today providing our client with a topographic land survey including the highway for visibility splays.

Castle Surveys are experts in site engineering services and construction setting out with the construction and civil engineering sectors. Our setting out engineers have a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to setting out projects. Our clients range from 1 plot self builds to multiple plots on behalf of housing developers. All our setting out engineers hold valid and up to date CSCS qualifications and cards to enable us onto sites to carry out the site engineering. Construction setting out drawings can be emailed to our setting out engineers.

We know that transport, utility, and public services create added pressures and unique demands on surveying requirements. At Castle Surveys we are experts in getting our clients the solutions they need, quickly and precisely. Our professional team work closely with our clients, local authorities, government departments, construction/building developers, engineers, and architects, to name but a few. We provide them with detailed and highly accurate plans of existing infrastructure, road networks, and new and ongoing construction developments.

The maps are created to display and accurately represent details of both the natural and built environments within the area in question. Land Surveys are undertaken by our experienced and dedicated land surveyors who utilise an array of equipment including GPS/GNSS, Robotic Total Stations, Laser Scanners and Precise Digital Levels. Castle Surveys Ltd can measure any feature of the built or natural environment swiftly and precisely and to the highest standard attainable. Castle surveys LTD carry out and produce maps in-house to the scale and format requested by our clients.

Utility Mapping & GPR surveys are an essential during the initial design & planning stage when considering the construction of new structures or infrastructure. The need for detailed and accurate plans which show where utility services are located allow a safer working environment and a cost-effective way to help plan any construction or building works. Castle Surveys Ltd offer a full underground utility survey that can be overlaid onto our topographical land surveys. Although based near Leicester, we can cover the whole of the UK.