In 1998, GEOTEC Surveys was formed to become Europe's leading independent provider of Underground Mapping, Geophysical Surveys and Utility Mapping services. GEOTEC are the company who coined the phrase 'Underground Mapping' and created the standards by which a whole developing industry is learning from.

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Using proven geophysical methods, GEOTEC Surveys map the sub-surface environment to inform invasive investigations, prior to excavating, tunnelling and drilling taking place. Collate all the 'stats' you have received onto a single drawing, overlaying them as detailed in the record suppliers' positions and sizes onto either a topographical survey or an OS tile background.

We utilise a range of geophysical survey techniques, such Electromagnetics (EM & EML), Microgravity, Electrical Resistivity & Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to meet our clients objectives. Brian has a vast amount of knowledge & experience in geophysics, geophysical survey equipment and onsite underground mapping. Brian's vision of how to get the best results using new & combined technologies coupled with his "can do" attitude means that he continually pushes GEOTEC out in front as a leader in the UK market.

Our office based staff, have a combined 35 years experience and can assist you with subsurface anomalies, hazards and concerns. It is our responsibility to recommend the best methodologies and approaches to move your project forward, in the event of a Buried Unknown, which may delay design or construction works. A survey allows pipework, foundations or piles to be laid quickly and easily by pinpointing the depth of bedrock and any subsurface anomalies. A range of subsurface anomalies such as abandoned services, evidence of previous developments, reinforced concrete, among other hazards are common.

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