Landtech Surveys is a specialist Surveying company based in Derbyshire which was formed in 2004 by Martin Riley. We aim to provide all our clients with a professional, high quality personal service for all their surveying and measuring needs. We work throughout the UK for clients involved in and including, building & civil engineering construction projects, geotechnical and environmental issues, remediation and waste management, development contractors, project management, architectural offices, local authorities and private individuals.

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Products & Services

Land Surveys

A topographical survey or land survey is a good starting point for any development. We can accurately measure any site to the scale and detail prescribed by our client. This will save time and money later in the construction cycle of any project. We use what we believe to be some of the most innovative and productive survey equipment on the market today and that's what helps us to be very competitive when it comes to quoting for projects throughout the UK. From a small garden plot to a proposed housing development site no job is to big or to small. With the use of Trimble GNSS equipment we can survey large areas in high accuracy which can be related to OSNG and AOD or correlated to a local site grid. Our surveys are processed to any scale and can be issued as a hard copy in full colour up to A0. We will also send completed drawing by email in the most common CAD formats and also as a PDF file.

Measured Building Surveys

We can provide clients with detailed floor plans, elevations, sections and 3d models of any aspect of a building. Typically these surveys would include position of internal wall, doors, windows, ceiling heights, sill and head heights. We can always highlight other services such as electrical sockets, radiator positions and sanitary fittings. We are also capable of supplying clients with detailed roof plans denoting position of timbers and their sizes. Our surveys are conducted using various techniques to suit the area being surveyed. From a simple tape measure and a Leica disto laser measuring device, to the more technically demanding use of a our Trimble Total Station with on board direct reflex laser measurement for non contact surveying at +200m. We are also able to use netbook computers on site to check for inaccuracies before heading back to the office. Our experience includes the measuring of churches, office blocks, houses, flats, community halls, public houses, shops and many more...

Engineering Surveys

We have carried out various surveys of this nature for many clients usually with a building, structural or architectural involvement. Whether the survey is conducted previous to any proposed design or is a post design as-built survey, we always ensure a high standard of quality and accuracy. Previous work has included detailed drawings of canal locks, ponds and weirs, drainage and culverts, newly constructed roads and sewers, bridges and tunnels.

GPS Surveys

GPS (Global Positioning System) has been a revelation for the surveying industry. Now it is possible to survey large areas of open ground in less than half the time of a conventional survey. While using GPS we don't require the line of sight back to a survey instrument as you would with a traditional survey, which means we can keep walking and surveying as we go generating lots more data during the day saving time and money.

Site Engineering

Fully experienced and trained staff who have worked on a variety of contracts and projects including building, civils, earthworks and remediation. Setting out using GPS and Remote Total Station means we can set out virtually anywhere. We also carry laptop computers to site so that changes in the design can quickly be resolved on site with our powerful CAD packages. We are also able to supply clients with detailed design and setting out information if required in various formats, usually as an xyz spreadsheet file or an annotated drawing showing co-ordinates of the positions to be set out.

Borehole & Well Locations

Surveying the level and position of boreholes, monitoring well, window samples and trial pits are becoming an ever increasing activity of our workload. As our client base of Environmental Engineers grow so do their expectations. Not only are we expected to survey more locations but also at an accuracy that they deem acceptable for their monitoring purposes. With modern surveying equipment such as our Trimble R8 GNSS receiver, we can cover huge areas surveying many locations and still remain within acceptable tolerance levels. As well as surveying the investigation locations we are also asked to produce some background data for some sites. This usually includes water levels of nearby rivers and streams. Or maybe a ditch that runs parallel with the site or an area that is low lying and has tendencies to hold water and flood. We bring all this data together and supply it to our clients as CAD drawings, cross sections, profiles and spreadsheets, all of which is related to ordnance datum.

From Our Website

Our aim is to deliver a highly professional service to all our clients no matter the size of their survey project. We care passionately about using the highest standard of equipment and are continuously investing in the latest technology to be able to accurately survey, measure, calculate and plan your site. We have been helping our clients succeed for over 15 years and are always learning and evolving as our experience grows. We are commited to providing you the very best value, a fast service, the highest quality deliverables, anywhere in the UK.

We have experience using software such as Microstation, AutoCAD and LSS. For the past three years though we have been processing all our surveys with Trimble Business Center (TBC). This step made perfect sense as our survey instruments are all manufactured by Trimble. Using TBC means that we are getting the very best capabilities from the instruments we use to perform our surveys.

We have many years experience surveying earthworks and stockpiles for the generation of material volume calculations and cut & fill analysis. Our detailed surveys of the work area enables us to produce 3d models which we can then generate earthwork reports directly from our Trimble Business Center survey software. Reports can be provided in PDF file format along with a detailed survey and model of the area in the most common survey drawing deliverables. Cross sections and profiles can also be provided to give a more detailed account of the ongoing processes on site.